Different Types of Baby Cribs

A baby crib with mobile (Read exclusive crib mobile review on Better Sleep Baby) is very often an essential piece of furniture for your baby. When choosing one, you need to take certain things into consideration. The best baby cribs should not only be beautifully designed but more importantly comfortable, well-constructed and safe for your newborn baby.

When it comes to portable travel crib there is a wide selection available in the market. From convertible cribs to the standard and portable ones, the choices are plenty. Convertible cribs, as the name suggests, can be converted into a toddler bed. In other words, they can keep up with your baby as he/she becomes older. Such a crib is quite popular and often a good buy because its usefulness can be extended for the long-term. Convertible cribs can even be converted into a day bed or a full-sized bed later on.

Portable cribs are great for traveling and are also convenient to move around in your home, if you have to. A portable travel crib or a portable folding crib should be lightweight and convenient to carry and folds up and opens easily. Portable cribs come in many different styles and designs as well.

The standard baby crib is a different and also popular type of crib. It comes in traditional and stylish designs that look very appealing in a baby's room. This type serves as a crib alone and requires a conversion kit, which you will have to buy separately if you would like to convert it into a different type of bed in the future.

The other types of cribs include the sleigh cribs, the round cribs, as well as the canopy cribs. Round cribs are very stylish and perfect for newborns because of their round-shape. It offers safety for your newborn child and can be converted into a toddler crib as well when your newborn becomes older. Sleigh cribs have their own distinct and elegant characteristics. Know about the safest crib from here!

A canopy crib looks similar to a standard crib in shape, but with a canopy that provides protection for the baby against light that is coming through, offering additional comfort, warmth and security for him or her. The canopy also adds a unique as well a stylish touch in a baby's nursery. If you want to learn more about baby cribs, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infant_bed#History .

Baby cribs can come with additional toys and mobile accessories. Some types also serve a double purpose, particularly those that can be converted into bigger beds as a baby becomes older and bigger.